What My Blog is All About

On an ordinary day, how many different thoughts bounce around in the big head of yours?? That thought right there is the reason I decided to make this blog. While I was surfing the web (for work related purposes), I came across a page:


After looking at about 20 different toilet paper roll creations, I stopped to wonder how I even got to this point. I mean, I understand that recycling household items into kid’s crafts is a logical idea; however, I don’t know how the hell my brain ended up on that page.

After pondering how my brain got from point A (not thinking about toilet paper roll crafts) to point B (finding a billion toilet paper roll craft ideas for my preschool story time) I came up with the idea to use a blog to chronicle my thought processes of my day.  I am a firm believer in being a lifelong learner and the web is one of the greatest tools ever invented to implement that habit. By posting daily, I will get to know what stimulates my brain while simultaneously sharing random, yet interesting, information.





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