“…this love will be the death of me…” -Stars Dance

I’M BACK!!!! Hiatus was unintended, but that’s life, isn’t it? Hope you can forgive the time I spent away, I know I was constantly in your thoughts for all that time 😉 haha, please enjoy the following random thoughts of my day.

1. Educate Yourself with these FREE Online Courses…For Real



Unbelievably, the education system offers FREE courses all over the internet, you just need to know where to find it. I never thought I would see the day where the business-like and money hungry college/university system would offer a way to learn for free. Now, I do realize it began this way; however, never in my lifetime has it been a free product to us. I decided to look into this specific course about Social Media because surprise, surprise, it’s becoming a new job role in the communications world. I sifted through the countless courses offered and was pleasantly shocked to see that Yale, Johns Hopkins, and UMass all were on the list of providers. So, get your brains out there and learn something new…for FREE!


2. Health-ified Coconut Macaroons



I follow quite a few food bloggers out there on the worldwide web, and PeanutButterandPeppers rarely disappoints with her healthier versions of long-time favorites. I have attempted quite a few of her creations and can honestly say they are pretty darn yummy. I am thinking about testing out an off-hand mugcake using the basis of this recipe to get the coconut macaroon flavor in the form of a mini cake. If all goes well, I am sure it will be on a future post, or at least on my Instagram feed 🙂


3. Jump Rope Circuit Workout


Another blog topic I tend to follow is fitness/workout ideas and ironic enough, PeanutButterFingers is the origin of this workout I came across. I’m not sure if this is the world’s way of telling me that I am addicted to all things Peanut Butter related (although, I already am aware of this small addiction) but you can’t stop shouting, I hear you loud and clear! Anyways, this workout sounds like a doozy, but I am interested to say the least to see how grueling it really is when put to the test. Perhaps I shall give it a go?! Wish me luck.