“I will buy you that big house way up in the west hills…” -Everclear

Well, I have returned to the land of blogging and unfortunately don’t have much of an excuse for the hiatus other than a little case of life. When you see the face of the person you love for the first time in 40-ish days, it takes a second to go back to reality once they leave again; therefore, I’ll consider that my excuse in a nutshell, I suppose. Along with a pitiful excuse, I will also provide a bit of friendly advice: LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS ARE FOR THE BIRDS! Avoid if possible and if inevitable, wear a seat belt and prepare for a tumultuous (yet HOPEFULLY worth it) ride. Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system…let us proceed with the daily three 🙂

1. NERDS Cereal – circa 1986



Thanks to an email from Mental_Floss,  I now know all there is to know about candy history and you can too with 3 easy payments of….haha just kidding! After watching the Nerds Cereal commercial, I couldn’t help but transition into the commercial salesperson voice. I will attach both videos for your enjoyment, I highly suggest watching the ’38 Sweet Facts About Candy’ video, it’s pretty amazing that they were able to uncover that many INTERESTING facts about candy. As for the Nerds cereal commercial, other than my disbelief that such a product ever existed, I was appalled by how far we’ve come in television. Originally, when I saw 1986 as the date of the commercial, I thought, ‘eh, that’s not too long ago’ however after watching, I was shocked by the ancient-ness. So, if you have some time grab a piece of candy, put your feet up, and learn something….sounds like a sweet deal to me!

Cereal Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_1013309351&feature=iv&src_vid=HrIk0lG8fso&v=y8-saxKS-nQ

Candy Facts Video: http://mentalfloss.com/article/53310/38-sweet-facts-about-candy

2. Sweet Potato with Torched Marshmallow Ice Cream

I ceam


Damn you, Jeni! As in, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, Jeni. I cannot handle all of her mouth-watering creations. I think if I had the money (and a never changing waistline) I would eat her ice cream everyday! If you’ve never heard of this place, you either live under a rock or have somehow managed to block all channels of goodness from your life. I sincerely hope you suffer from the rock life rather than the latter option. Anyways, if you want to check out some of her other flavors, while simultaneously developing the inevitable ice cream craving, go ahead and be brave…Jeni knows her stuff.


3. Sexy Halloween Costumes that SHOULDN’T Be



Getting into the Holiday mindset, I stumbled upon this website that provides an array of infographics about all things Halloween costume related. I couldn’t help but gravitate to this specific one because how many times have you seen the moron female who thought it’d be cool to dress DOWN a certain costume in the attempt to win ‘Sluttiest Costume Wearer of the Year’ and choose a totally asinine character/person. For example: A Geisha. If you’re going to dress up like a whore, just be a normal whore….you can still wear ‘the less is more’ costume you thought up, but drop the Asian reference, there’s no need to layer on your point so thick 🙂



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