“Don’t Let the Days Go By…” -Bush

I apologize for the 5 day hiatus…however, I feel this apology is solely to myself considering this blog is not exactly popular but it is an apology nonetheless. Surprisingly, I actually missed my daily ritual of posting the top three mental musings. I thought that I would burn out of this habit quickly; though, I think the task is somewhat cathartic so maybe it will stick?! We shall see.


1. The “VICIOUS” Pitbull…

I came across this article while using Stumbleupon…blast that website!!!! It is too freaking addictive and I find myself bouncing from one mode of thought to another due to being ‘forcefully’ brought to the attention of my cerebrum. AKA, I did not truly come to this thought process on my own. Based off of my preferences, Stumbleupon deemed this article relevant…and SURPRISE! they were right.

This article makes a mockery of the unfair stereotype that Pitbull’s have earned by giving an example of an overactive imagination. People always jump to the conclusion that Pitbulls=BIG SCARY DOGS and forget that the dog’s demeanor truly relies on the owners training. I am going to stop on this note before I make myself sound like an animal rights activist and go on a real tangent. The last thing I’ll say is, not ALL Pitbulls are owned by the likes of Michael Vick 🙂


2. Mini Grilled Cheese Waffle Sandwiches

Welp, Kelloggs did it again. Took something super basic and made it look like the yummiest idea of all time…or at least it does at the moment. It’s no shock that this thought process was spurred by my hunger, but I will say I was not dreaming about grilled cheese. I was looking up dessert recipes using Kellogg’s cereal and this picture came across the screen like, “yo, you know you want a piece of me!” Okay. Not really, but as far as appetites go, it was a pretty tormenting picture, right?


3. DIY Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Obviously, my mind was thinking about making bracelets at this point of my day. Now, as for how my brain went down that track, I think I shall blame it on being a victim of consumerism. Damn those emails selling me stuff ALL DAY, EVERY DAY! Luckily, this time I was the victor and decided to take things into my own hands…quite literally. After finding this chevron style tutorial online, I attempted to make my own, you can form your own opinion based off the picture below…


I won’t lie, I’m slightly proud of my ability to follow instructions and I am considering wearing it. Your turn to take a stab at it!



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