Hey Jude

First off, I want to say that my blog title has absolutely no relevance to the following post…it is simply the first song that popped into my head and I’m hoping it will send your mind down some unexpected path or perhaps create a bit of nostalgia for your enjoyment. I will most likely use a song title or song lyrics for all of my titles from here on out so hopefully it doesn’t bother you too much!

Let us proceed with the days’ thoughts and findings…

1.  Vintage Aurora Borealis Statement Necklace

I will have to blame Etsy for this train of thought…if it weren’t for those damn emails I never would have lusted after such a beautiful necklace (which at a hefty $149 a pop, I cannot/will not be buying one any time soon). The theme of the email was “Prisms” and the fact that Etsy thought to include searches under ‘Aurora Borealis’ was pretty genius. Soon after looking at this necklace, my brain jumped over to wanting to know more about the actual ‘Aurora Borealis’; therefore, I will choose to appreciate Etsy’s daily email just this once because I was also given the opportunity to explore one of nature’s most beautiful occurrences.


2. The Bloody Brilliant Reason Pirates Wore Eye Patches

Yet another thought product of a daily email, this time from “Mental_Floss”, is this trivia-friendly article about why exactly Pirates wore eye patches. As a kid, I always assumed it was because it made them look bad-ass or, pardon the inappropriate pun, they really ‘saw’ the world through their countless expeditions. Tagging onto my simple-minded view is the possibility that these bad-ass pirates were actually extremely intuitive and great innovators. The eye patches allowed their eyes a more simple adjustment from the bright reflections of the sun on the water to the pitch black darkness of the night. Without the use of these patches, the rate of eye degeneration would have doubled, if not tripled. So, if you ever find yourself stranded on a boat for a long period of time, do yourself a favor and craft a makeshift eye patch, savvy?


3. How Often Do You Feed the Magic Pixies…?

This is going to be a bit of a toughie to explain in terms of logic, so just throw that out the window. While texting my boyfriend, I asked him how his day was and his reply was, “Pretty much filled with happiness and pixie feeding.” Now, I just want to assure you that he is not a stoner, nor is he a total nutcase….BUT, tonight, I think he might have cracked a little bit. Regardless, my brain instantly wondered what pixie feeding entails and this link I found truly made me giggle. I’m not saying this flow of thinking was very educational as a result, but I will gladly accept a small dose of humor any day of the week. Hope you cracked a smile too 🙂



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