“And we’ll never be royals…” -Lorde

1. Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers with Avocado

For once, I can honestly say I was not thinking about food when I came across this article. Contrarily, I had just returned from lunch and was happily content, almost to the point of being too content 🙂 So, as I opened up the Yahoo! home page I was bombarded by this amazing looking sandwich and just HAD to click on it. I am happy that I did because I definitely would like to make one of these in the near future…maybe when my appetite resurfaces?!

BTW: After perusing through the comments under the article, I learned that omitting the egg and substituting unsweetened shredded coconut for the panko crumbs seemed to make this burger taste ten times better! Why not try it?!


2. Make Your Own Flip Book 



I came across the link to this website while scanning the Tech articles on ‘Babble’ and thought it sounded fun. Little did I know, I have no patience to create a semi-coherent flip book even with a child-friendly website! I attempted making a flip book twice and let’s just say it was PATHETIC. Instead of burning your retinas with a screenshot of my flip book disasters, I took a screenshot of a previously made animation. I have no idea how this person made a unicorn number one, and then to top it off with a waving mane with twinkling stars…. it literally makes me wonder what part of the instructions I failed to read. If you so choose to craft your own flip book, I hope you have a much more successful outcome. Godspeed!



3. Marina Bay Sands – Singapore Resort

Yahoo! assumes credit once again for this stimulus of the day…and how could it not with such enticing views?! The original post that I eventually deviated from was about the best “Views from the Top”, aka Ferris Wheels. The final wheel listed was the Singapore Flyer, which is pretty awesome too if you have some time to look that up. In the pictures with the epic ferris wheel, I saw this illuminated three pillar building and became curious as to what it is. Through a bit of light reading, I discovered that this futuristic building was built in 2010 and has become one of the most highly trafficked casinos/resorts internationally.

Also, this resort is known for its Infinity Pool on the sky deck…

I wonder why?





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