My First ‘Top 3’ of the Day

If you didn’t get a chance to read my ‘About Me’ section, my blog is a daily chronicle of my various thoughts and findings via internet. I will share 3 or more websites I come across during my time on the web and try to recall why exactly I ended up there. A bit of psychological delving, as well as good ol’ informational stimulus for the reader.

So here goes nothing….

1. Parker’s Custom Cookies

This gem of a site was found while searching pins about Teen Activities. It was on my main board space before my search was started. There truly was no thought process leading up to this find, I suppose I could call it a stroke of luck! I’m not sure that I would consider this as a favor for my wedding or any party that garners favors, but I do think they are fun and would love to bite off my own head some time.

2. Comedian, Louis C. K., Disparages Smartphone Dependency 

I received the link to this video/article from an email about current events and trends. I felt like he had some relevant points pertaining to the current issues related to smartphones, i.e., Texting while Driving and Emotional Desensitization. I know first hand that I am more apt to send a butthole text here and there than I am to actually say something butthole-ish. However, I shall stop before I begin a soliloquy on cell-phones because who has time for that when you have messages to send…while driving nonetheless?!

3. 5 Minute Smores’ in a Mug Cake

Of course, as I waited patiently for my dinner break my mind shifted over to food…SWEET food to be precise. Another email is the cause for this search. I saw a picture of chocolate and I also so a picture of a mug, so obviously my mind ventured to CHOCOLATE MUG! I have made a couple of cake mug creations in the past so don’t be alarmed by my seemingly odd mode of thought.  After reading the headline to this recipe, I couldn’t help but take a peek…and lick my lips. Thought it was worth sharing, maybe somebody will actually gather up the strength to concoct such a difficult dessert 😉



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